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Last modified: November 21, 2016


Introduction: Allow your clients to easily and securely access to their assay results through the internet....



Allow your clients to easily and securely access to their assay results through the internet. Using our proven WebLab system; we are able to bring your laboratory results to the WEB in a quick and cost effective is the client module of the LIS. This is a client tool that permits lab clients to log in their own samples and later view their results that have been released by the lab. Security settings can be set to allow clients to see only their results or those of a specific group of clients.

The user friendly interface and allowing clients to literally browse the lab reports just like folders on a drive. This familiarity allows users to quickly become comfortable navigating throughout the Online LIS environment

System Highlights:

  • Improving Quality on the Production Floor.
  • Complete and customized system provides lab technicians screens for data entry and reporting for all quality functions.
  • Lab personnel perform calculations, documentation, and review results using online information.
  • Multi-user design allows any authorized user access to the centralized data repository from any PC located on the network.
  • Easy to use requiring little operator training.
  • Easily accommodates the seamless inclusion of newly developed software modules.
  • Built-in calculations are available for most often used formulations.
  • 24/7 online access to approved results.
  • Ability to designate others to access to results.

Minimum Feature Set in Weblab:

  • Work Flow Management.
  • Separate Report Entry and Delivery Processes.
  • Regulated Sample Accession Process.
  • Weblab works on an internal LAN network and also comes in an Online version.


  • Search for Patient by Various Parameters.
  • See all visit reports and billing history on a single screen.
  • Access and Print All Reports.
  • Quick Access of Patient Record.


  • Single Patient Record View.
  • Time saved: Quick Retrieval of Patient Data.
  • Storage Space Saved, no Paper Records.
  • Email or Print Report only when required.
  • Access entire record in a single.


  • Consolidated View for a Single Patient.
  • Search by Schedule, Sample Code, tests or dates.
  • View the Pending Amount and total visits done.
  • Date wise listing of visits.

Test Reporting Workflow:

  • Search for Report.
  • Enter the Parameters of the Result and save the test.
  • 2 level verification as the Doctor can attach his own signature electronically before marking test as complete.
  • Options to add Results and Conclusion.
  • Multiple Print, Email and SMS options after saving.

Staff and User Management:

  • Add Staff Information and capture demographic, contact and education information.
  • Manage Staff and Users access control.

Weblab comes with templates designed for multiple groups and profiles:

  • Pathology Tests
  • Bio Chemistry Tests
  • Infection Diseases Tests
  • Pharmacology Tests
  • Hematology Tests
  • Metabolic Tests
  • Allergy Tests
  • Drug Level Tests
  • Serology Tests
  • Bio Markers
  • Hygiene Tests
  • Infertility Tests
  • Thyroid Tests
  • Standard Profiles
  • Custom Profiles

Get customized templates to suit your needs. With specially designed work flows on each template so you fill the right information at the right time, Weblab templates also come with references ranges, units, out of range alerts, auto-fill options etc. built into the templates

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