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Last modified: November 10, 2016

Project Management Methodology

medisys’s Project Management Methodology is an outgrowth of the company’s experience in Implementing Hospital information Systems for the past 18 Years, having the best reputation for successful implementation and in particular its experience in Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Additionally, medisys, very early in the development of its Application Software, recognized that developing software with practical applications is a “creative” process. Taking these two fundamentals into consideration, medisys ‘s approach to software development and project implementation focuses on a Work-Unit Team approach in all aspects of its operations and Project Implementation. medisys ‘s approach towards a project is phase-by-phase (PBP) approach. This phase approach will help users understanding the system gradually and ensure the project success.

Using the Work-Unit Team as well as the PBP approach for the Project, five Work-Unit Teams will be utilized as noted below.

The Personnel Components and the Primary Function of each Team are provided below. However, it should be stressed that the assignments and responsibilities are open ended and interaction between all teams is encouraged and on going.


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