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Last modified: November 13, 2016

Medisys Products Main Features

  • Simple and User Friendly Intuitive GUI based Touch screen Enabled application
  • Modularly designed and Incremental expandability
  • Fully Integrated Internally and can be integrated externally
  • Multi-lingual supported design to assure successful implementation
  • Embedded Dictionary for automatic name translation
  • More than 35,000 Names are Pre-entered in the translation dictionary
  • Soundex and Multi-lingual search features
  • Extensive bilingual queries for online management statistics and trend analysis
  • Powerful interactive security and administrative controls
  • Extensive data entry verification and displays error message for wrong entry
  • Multi-view query screens during data entry for input
  • Multi-windows and Multi-tasking interface
  • Automated data management batch process for database size control
  • System Integration eliminates redundant data
  • Standard Barcode facility throughout the application
  • Interactive menu oriented application with direct transfer option
  • Integrated with report writer and direct printing option to any hospital location
  • Three Tier Standard and Compliance – International, Regional and Protocol maintained
  • Embedded ICD-10 AM available
  • Medications and Drug Pre-entered with Generic and Trade Name
  • Drug Formulary Pre-entered
  • Embedded Drug-drug Interaction Alert facility available
  • Fully Supports active integration with Lab Machines and Equipment
  • Fully Supports active integration with PACs
  • Fully Supports active integration with ICU/ER Bedside devices

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