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Last modified: November 24, 2016

AcuCare Suite

Introduction: Acu-Care Suite is an integrated clinical documentation and decision support system, managing...



Acu-Care Suite is an integrated clinical documentation and decision support system, managing the complexity of the information produced in an intensive care unit (ICU) environment. It displays graphical views of the status of beds, patients, rooms, waiting lists, etc. and allows the user to carry out admission, discharges and transfers, and access the patient’s records and charts.

Acu-Care captures, stores, groups, and presents large amounts of data generated per patient inside the ICU. It creates an integrated electronic record covering the entire stay of a patient in the ICU and beyond and facilitates ICU nurses to monitor critical patient’s vital signs as many times as required and compared the data with the previous one. Moreover, it includes advanced features such as clinical decision support, presentation-quality clinical data reports, and smart tools tracking a patient’s progress and has the ability to exchange information with other hospital medical care systems.

Patient monitoring:

Vital signs, hemodynamic, catheters, administered medication, care of lesions, blood gases, nursing observations per shift etc., are all recorded either by nurses through touch screens monitors at bed side or automatically by collecting the data from the connected medical equipment contributing to the assessment of a patient’s clinical state. Coded values, automatic fluid balance calculations as well as a series of automated checks protect against erroneous data entered in the system coupled with audible and visual alarms to alert the nursing staff when required. Homogeneous display screens and data entry procedures minimize the time required by the nursing staff to become familiar with the system, ensuring accuracy while saving time which can be spent for the care of patients.
Key Features:

  • Graphical presentation of status of beds, patients, rooms, waiting lists etc.
  • Facilitates a request for ICU admission from IN and OUT side of Hospitals.
  • Priority based Pending ICU admission Request Lists.
  • Accept/Reject a request.
  • An accepted request could be re-prioritize by the accepting doctor.
  • Facility to reserve bed for the patient whose ICU admission requests being accepted.
  • Admit, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) a patient.
  • Customized Queries and Reports with graphical presentation.
  • Record all medicines, services and supplies administered to each ICU patient with log.
  • Clinical documentation to help adhere to institutional workflow standards.
  • Gives clinicians graphically displayed trends of data correlation at the point-of-care.
  • Ability to configure for unique needs of specialty ICUs i.e. Support the specific workflow requirements of different ICU environments.
  • Continuity of Care – Provides one contiguous record that spans the ICU, the OR and the post anesthesia care unit (PACU), making the flow of information seamless, and ensuring that a patient’s progress is automatically tracked and documented from one high-acuity area to another.
  • Advanced management of fluid balance.
  • Smart graphs for monitoring patient’s progress.
  • Ability to exchange information with other hospital information systems (HL7 support).
  • Ability to integrate with bed-side devices for automatic data collection.
  • Designed to support touch screens

Additional features:

The ICU is the most complex environment in the health sector – characterized by complex records and data representations, complex calculations, and interconnections with a large number of medical devices. Medisys Acu-Care brings all types of data together to form the backbone of a complete electronic medical record, and since runs from a web browser it can be accessed from anywhere within or outside the hospital.

Acu-Care offers a highly configurable environment for monitoring the progress-assessment of patients and can be easily integrated with existing HIS or auxiliary hospital systems. At the same time since it is easily customizable could easily be adapted to support other units or clinics within the hospital.


The benefits of automating the ICU is expected to have a direct impact on the improvement of operating expenses. This can be achieved through:-

  • Reduction of disease complications and associated costs.
  • Reduction of paper related errors/costs.
  • Reduction in diversity of services offered and adopted procedures.


Finally, to ensure a successful implementation in a hospital intensive care unit, the goals and objectives of the project should clearly be defined from the beginning. The Acu-Care system support team can provide help to quantify the potential benefits and to customize the system according to the needs of the clinic and users, and define a roadmap for the full clinical implementation of the system.

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