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Last modified: November 20, 2016

Development Roadmap

  Prototype Model Development: We follow an incremental, prototype based development of overall applications...


Prototype Model Development: We follow an incremental, prototype based development of overall applications to change and make the system more efficient, easier to integrate, easier to localize, easier to implement and provide the user with most of his needs to run his day to day operations:

Screen Controlled Version Methodology: Currently we are implementing version (12.5.3), where our latest version is (12.4.0) is still under testing at last stage to implement this year. .Generally we make a main updating version approximately each 6 months, while the partial versions are made approximately in every 3Screen  months.

The need for development and enhancement is increasing day by day affected the fast development of technology and the demand for better, faster, more intelligent solutions. This affected the application life cycle. To deal with the latest claim and trend of technology Medisys is continually enhance it’s applications in two direction where one will not conflict with the other.


  • Best Business Practice: We study our system in periodical meeting with the implementers and developers and team leader, to discus how to enhance the workflow in a hospital and reduce the data entry as much as possible to reduce the user mistakes. We introduced the intelligent link between name and gender to

    reduce the time of the user to select gender from the list, and to reduce the mistakes made by users in selecting gender in busy day.

    We visit sites to check user performance, we take users suggestion very seriously, watching the users working which gives a lot of hints for system analyst or workflow analyst, to comeback with more intelligent ideas.

  • Best Proven Technology: Currently medisys is developed using Oracle 10g suite, running on Oracle Application Server, because of some limitation in the current developing tools, now we are in the process of redeveloping the all the applications using Java & Oracle JDeveloper.

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